It all started as a break from alcohol brought to light the absence of non-alcoholic options on many restaurant menus. When these menus did contain alternatives, they were often sugary or articifially flavoured. It was hard for us to comprehend this deficit, when the world is home to so many incredible and delicious tastes. This led us to create VILT Fermentary.

However, having an idea is only step one. It took another 2 years to find and test the natural ingredients that could create the depth of flavour we so love in wines, cocktails and good food. Hundreds of them were put to the test in a similar amount of potential recipes. Only one stood the test, and VILT was born!

As base we use a water kefir starter. Kefir packs a huge amount of flavour and as a bonus, it also possesses many health benefits. We leave it to ferment once before we add a selection of ingredients that, combined, provide a powerful and complex palate. Afterwards we let it rest for a minimum of six weeks to give it enough time for the sugar levels to reduce and the flavours to balance out. Only then will we serve it, ready to please you, the enthusiast.