Should I shake VILT?

No, no need to shake it. If you find any sediment in the bottle, we suggest a 180 degree tilt back and forth before opening. It's a natural brewing process so a small layer of sediment is possible.

How should I store VILT?

Our drinks are raw and unpasteurized, so they need to be refrigerated. It is a live drink which continues to ferment and refrigeration moderates this process (and it tastes best chilled). Once opened, place an air-tight lid or champagne bottle cap on it so the carbonation (or fizziness) will stay inside.

How should I serve VILT?

For the best drinking experience, VILT is best served ice-cold. We like adding some ice cubes into a glass and top it with of slice of fresh ginger. 

How long does the fizz stay?

The carbonation in VILT is natural byproduct of the fermentation. Once opened, close the bottle with an air tight lid so the fizziness will stay for a minimum of 4 days.

How much sugar does VILT contain?

VILT is made with sugar. Sugar is what fuels fermentation. However, most of the sugar is absorbed during the fermentation process. In the end, there's only a slight amount of sugar left. With only 1,1 gr of sugar per 100 ml, VILT is certainly on the very low end of the sugar spectrum.